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Joining Brownies

Once you have a place at Brownies we will look forward to seeing you each week. When you start you will be given a book called Becoming a Brownie, this book will give you information and help you move towards making your Brownie Promise.

You will be allocated a Six which is a small group within the Brownie unit. The Sixes are called

Rabbits, Badgers, Squirrells and Hedgehogs. These are the emblems of the sixes.






Getting your uniform

Before you make your promise you will need to get a uniform. The link to the Guide shop below will help you to discover the choice of uniform available.

The Guide On line Shop

Brownie Membership Form

Dedicated Brownie Website

Above is a link to the Girl guiding Brownie website. This contains lots of activities for Brownies to do and I'm sure will be of interest.


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